Pam Schuster grew up in a dusty Texas town, becoming enchanted by simple miracles. She believes that even the tiniest dust particle dances in the light to become part of the majesty of nature.  This fascination with the natural world has led her to travel and explore whenever possible.

Today, Pam has found that whether creating jewelry or her beautiful glass mosaics, she is as excited and exhilarated as if she were hiking a mountain trail.  "Frequently, I start a new piece not knowing where it will go or how it will turn out."  This kind of adventurous spirit can be seen in her one of a kind work.

As her skills develop, she is continually exploring merging contemporary designs with her love of nature. Whether using a torch and hammer or arranging broken glass, she seeks to bring art to life.  Her greatest dilemma currently is finding a balance between her love of metalsmithing and that of fused glass.

"There is necessity to have a delicate touch to hammer, form, saw, pierce and torch a piece of metal.  With glass, it's the breaking, the blood and fluidity of super heated silica that creates an harmony.  That is the dichotomy of rigid pliability."  She believes the additional challenge is to create a piece of art that can elicit the owner to believe that the piece represents a part of the natural world which is exciting and daunting at the same time.  Pam especially loves the idea that a piece of art can travel and last through time.